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“If I had to name the single most frightening and dangerous threat to the health of the Oceans, the one that stands alone yet is at the base of all others is ignorance: lack of understanding, a failure to relate our destiny to that of the Sea, or to make connection between the health of coral reefs and our own health, between the fate of the great whale and the future of humankind”

Sylvia A. Earle

“Sea of Change: A message of the Ocean”


Conservation International- The Ocean from Hillary Coe on Vimeo.

While the scientist keep asking for new marine reserves and proper ocean management, national governments and international institutions try to regulate human impacts on the endangered ecosystems, and nonprofits like Greenpeace pressure to change the way people see the Ocean, they all agree on one point: More resources should be invested on educate the coastal communities. It is up to you to start making a positive change. Everything starts with education.