Submerge Mission


  • Submerge seeks to create awareness and promote community solutions to the increasing coastal and ocean environmental problems through education.

The increasing human pressure on the oceans is unsustainable: Pollution is running off the land, degrading coastal waters and harming marine life. Over fishing, bottom trawling, shark fining and whaling, offshore drilling, oil spills, mercury contamination, migration trends to coastal areas, industrialization and global warming. These are just some of the problems we are facing. We believe that education and creative solutions are the key to change. Through our kids, young leaders and underwater images programs, we are beginning to build a new conscience amongst those who use the oceans


  • Improve the understanding of coastal ecosystems and human influences on them.
  • Improve environmental literacy in our communities to enable environmentally-sustainable decision making.
  • Educate on the importance of create more effective marine protected areas.
  • Demonstrate sustainable stewardship of the land and water ecosystems within the reserves to serve as a model for community stewardship.
  • Foster dialogue and development of coastal ecosystem management solutions through sustained community engagement.
  • Create environmental awareness through underwater image


  • Provide scuba and underwater image training to teen environmental leaders.
  • Help to publish and distribute a book for early ocean environmental awareness.
  • Create an Environmental Learning Center in Pemba Island, Tanzania


  • Create a global network of community alternative education that focuses in coastal ecosystem sustainability.


Our activities are partly funded by Submerge Underwater Image School, local business and angel investors that give us the initial momentum to launch the programs. We don’t like the idea of an organization that is not sustainable and is depending in constant funding for its existence. We work forward to creating a hybrid organization: Generate revenue through conscious education activities such as the Underwater Image School and support community based projects through these revenues and the commitment, trust and cooperation of our volunteers.