Some of our programs require small funding to get them started. We are looking forward to helping coastal communities first with basic needs such as potable water and electricity. For this, we have already begun the program to install solar power and small water desalination plant in the North of Pemba Island, Tanzania. We are also looking for funding for a small sustainable aquaculture program in the area. When you become a member, we will work to fulfill your dreams to help, and you will get special v.i.p. rates on our private sailing and diving expeditions, among others benefits.

Becoming a member ensures you the opportunity to contribute in a unique way. We guarantee that at least 80% of the money will be used on community programs.  Becoming a Whale Angel will help to install a sewage integrated bio system. Becoming a Shark Angel you can help a whole village to have access to basic solar power. Becoming a Dolphin Angel donations are enough to build one sustainable aquaculture pond. Turtle Angel contributes by printing environmental books for kids. Angel fish donation help to organize beach and underwater clean ups. Butterfly Angel donation pays a scuba divemaster course for local environmental leaders.

Membership categories:

Whale angel member fee: 50k

Shark angel member fee: 25K

Dolphin angel member fee: 10K

Turtle angel member fee: 5K

Angel fish member fee: 3k

Butterfly fish member fee: 1K

For more info about membership contact us: