We now have available a number of opportunities for those wishing to help us in ways other than financially. Volunteering is a rewarding gift that can be done at any level of commitment. Now available are two different opportunities.

Internship Submerge is seeking an intern looking for opportunities/career in non-profit management and fundraising. This is a great opportunity to learn a variety of nonprofit management skills in a flexible atmosphere within a growing organization. Qualifications: Experience in Education, coastal waters environmental issues and international development. College degree in Environmental Science, Marine Biology or Education is a great plus. Skills: Good oral and writing communication, great level of organization, fast learner, creative, basic digital photography knowledge, languages such Indonesian, Thai, Swahili or Spanish are a plus. Responsibilities: Exploring various global environmental networks, Grant research and writing, researching potential fundraisers, assisting in the planning and execution of fundraising events, promoting fundraising events through various media outlets, creating and updating donor databases. Duration: 3 to 6 months term. We may extend the opportunity depending on outcomes. Salary: Unpaid. Credits toward Submerge Image School Programs. Location: Portland, OR. Hours are flexible; however we require 10-20 hours per week. Most work will be done from home from your personal computer. Check-in meetings with the Executive Director will be held at least once every two weeks. Great people skills and phone skills are a must.

Local volunteer position Submerge has several positions in the organization that would benefit from help from a professional and dependable volunteer. We ask for a minimum of three month commitment. More than one volunteer can fall under each position, as long as they stay in communication and work as a team. Community Leader – e-newsletters, donor relations, business relations, community promotions, advertising, community networking University liaison – Build relations, promote School Programs, organize presentations, work with leader students. Network Research – finding and exploring affiliation with others organizations and environmental networks Fundraising – planning & executing. This role can be either as a specific event leader, committee member, event hand, or overall fundraising coordinator. Grant Research / Writing – Includes keeping up to date on current grant resources we have access to, as well as finding new sources of grant lists and funding opportunities Duration: 3 months. We may extend the opportunity depending on outcomes. Salary: Unpaid. Possibility for credit toward Submerge Image School Programs Location: We have open positions in Portland, OR, New York, NY and Austin, TX. Hours are flexible; however we require a minimum of 15 hours per week. Check-in meetings with the Program Director will be held once a month. Great people skills and phone skills are a must.