your old gear

For many local environmental leaders and divemasters, the chance to own a wet suit, a regulator, or an underwater camera depends on gifts from tourist leaving their countries. While we encourage you to do this, you have to be sure that your gear won’t end up used by spear fishermen, aquarium fish and coral collection business, as we saw happening many times. Donating your old underwater camera or diving gear to Submerge is simple and hassle free. What you have being stored  in your basement for years will be transform in an extraordinary gift for sponsored students, helping the whole learning community, while assuring that the ones that received your gear are trained in the correct use and maintenance, and have access to parts when needed.

While you invested a lot in your gear and you might be thinking in sell it in order to upgrade to a better model, you know that technology changes very fast and that you won’t receive more than a fraction of what you paid for. If you consider the time and effort of trying to sell it, it makes sense to donate it to someone that will make the best use of it.

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