Admissions Submerge

There are two simple steps to apply and be considered for enrollment at Submerge Underwater Image School’s programs.

1 – Please fill out the Registration Form. Student information is kept completely confidential.

2 – Please e-mail us your portfolio and course expectations to It is up to you what to send us: A resume, letter, link to your videos, photographs, illustrations or any other way of expression is welcome. This is in order to build small groups with related interests, and not to exclude anyone. Your comments over the course expectations are also useful.

International Students: We have available courses and workshops in English, French, Spanish and Italian. Our German speaker Instructor may be available for certain courses and workshops. We also have diving manuals and training videos in many languages. Please, check the immigration and visas requirements before you submit the application for admission.

Fees and Deposit: We value your business and there are not hidden costs. The non- refundable Enrollment fee is €50 and is deductible from the tuition cost. In order to receive study materials and enroll in the e-learning program you must submit a €400 deposit, also deductible from the tuition. There are not other application or student activity fees in our school. Pay safely online

Submerge School of Underwater Images does not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, creed, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, or handicap in any of its educational programs.