Submerge have two main program branches that are interconnected: The School of Underwater Images and The Community School of Environmental Education.

First Underwater Image School

Before Submerge created the School of Underwater Images and its revolutionary training programs, there were only brief basic courses aim to tourists and divers for their occasional recreational photography and video. Our professional comprehensive intensive workshops are structured in semi private and small groups for the maximum learning and the highest safety, teaching advanced technical skills with an artistic process oriented perspective, in the context of environmental education practices.

We have a diversity of programs that you can choose from, depending on your goals, location and the kind of experience you are looking for. We offer seminaries for divers with camera experience, 2-3 weeks workshops for beginners and 3 to 6 months immersion programs. Learn more.

Integrating our image programs with arts and environmental local projects ensure that our students are involved not only in the technical aspects of diving and digital image, but most important, that they fall in love with water and Nature.

Our hand-picked locations afford each of our students a sense of inspiration. Natural beauty, pristine warm water, gorgeous marine life and easy to moderate diving conditions, allow you the opportunity to submerge in what will be your greatest learning experience.

Environmental Community School

There is an increasing gap between child and Nature. Are standard school programs adapting to the increasingly important environmental issues? And if they do, will those programs create behavior change? Too often, schools try to inject knowledge without providing the experiences, which we believe are the most important source of true inspiration, love and protection for the environment.

Focusing on programs for kids and teen leaders, the School of Environmental Education intends to create true awareness on water environmental problems and to promote discussion and solutions. Through real exploration, adventure, art, fantasy, photography and digital mapping tools we aim to inspire love towards Nature at early childhood and support committed teen leaders with advanced training.

Submerge has a flexible set of programs that can be adjusted to any school curriculum. From snorkeling trips and Divemaster courses on coastal areas, to run-off protection and water pollution programs on urban schools. Freeing teachers and parents of the planning and logistics of the experiences made our programs a unique opportunity for those schools that are looking for outdoor education alternatives.