Image Workshops

Submerge Image Workshops

Who should apply?

Submerge School welcomes applicants from a wide range of educational backgrounds, with or without SCUBA diving experience: Visual art students, photographers and videographers, marine science and underwater archaeology graduates, environmentalists, TV cameramen, commercial and security divers, and recreational divers that dream to master underwater image.

An option for every one

Submerge Pro Seminary: Aim to train professionals like cameramen and photographers, marine biologists and archaeologists with diving experience, this intensive course focus on advanced technical aspects of both diving and underwater image. Underwater production basics, budget, safety and logistics, dive rig pro set ups, camera technology, advance color correction and artificial lighting are part of this integrated program.

Gold Submerge Workshop: For divers with less than 100 logged dives, this 2 to 3 weeks workshops are designed to take beginners and intermediate to the next levels of diving and underwater image. This program gives a solid base on dive planning, environmental issues, safety, gear maintenance, yoga, apnea and breathing techniques intro, Enriched air, First Aid, Deep diving, macro and wide angle video/photography, water and light, filters, lighting systems, cameras and housing analysis.

Learn to Scuba Dive Program: For the ones that they always imagine to scuba dive and love digital image, we put together a program that starts with e-learning, pool and open water dive sessions to complete the basic certification, and then focus on more advanced skills: deep and drift diving, apnea training, camera handling, marine safety, dive computer training and advanced buoyancy control and environmental awareness. Learn more

Divemaster Immersion Program: A life changing experience for those that made their minds and want to go to professional levels of diving and underwater image, the 3 to 6 months program includes First Aid & CPR training, Nitrox and O2 delivery courses, Coral reef ecology, Diving Compressor training workshop, Dive equipment basic maintenance training, Apnea training, Environmental Education, Interpersonal skills and Leadership skills, Community marine awareness teaching workshops and a minimum of 100 dives.

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Certifications & Credits

After the completion of the workshops/courses and approved final exams and underwater skills, you

will be awarded with scuba diving certifications by the most recognized dive teaching organization of the world, PADI (Professional Association of Dive Instructors) and our  “Submerge in Underwater Image Training” School Diploma.

Credentials you can get in our workshops include: Open Water Diver – Advanced Open Water Diver – Enriched Air Diver – Underwater Photo Specialist – Underwater Video Specialist – Deep Diver Specialist – UW Image Production Diver

Universities and colleges that accept ACE (American Council of Education) credit recommendations for PADI courses typically handle them like transfer credit without extra fee. Ask in your college, this may save you some time and tuition fees. Learn More

Continuing Education

You can continue to advanced levels of training with us.

Underwater Image: Underwater Studio lighting – Underwater Sound – Advanced Underwater Production – Shooting shark’s seminary – Remote Operate Vehicle video – Underwater Image for Archaeologists

SCUBA Diving: Rescue Diver – Divemaster – Advanced Apnea – Cavern and Cave Diving-Diver Propulsion Vehicle -Wreck & Deep diving – Advanced Enriched Air – Trimix – Rebreather