What we are doing now

Environmental Action: The School is actively involved in the sustainable use of marine resources. We participate in dive site and beach cleans ups and we support selected local NGO’s involved in environmental, social and education projects.  Submerge uses 100 percent of the Underwater Images School profits to help support Submerge environmental programs for local kids and teen leaders.

Throughout our Environmental Awareness program for kids and our Local Divemaster Teen Leader Training, Submerge channels its energy in what we believe is most important for the survival of the Oceans: Education for the young generations. Kids and teens get involved in creative experiences that lead to discussions on local conservation and sustainability. Activities like a snorkeling trip, whale watching, or a beach cleanup where students take photographs are a proven method that teaches real local facts with the emotion that is so important in the creation of knowledge. (to be edited)

In our Underwater Image programs we facilitate learning and awareness of the water environment and ecology. The increasing human pressure on the oceans is unsustainable: Pollution is running off the land, degrading coastal waters and harming marine life. Over fishing, bottom trawling, shark fining and whaling, offshore drilling, oil spills, mercury contamination, increasing human population, migration trends to coastal areas, industrialization and global warming. These are just some of the problems we are facing. We believe that Education is the key to change. We need immediate action to begin building a new conscience amongst those who use the oceans. While teaching recreational use of the water, we hope to also instill an attitude of stewardship to these ecosystems, for this and future generations.

Through our courses and workshops you will become aware of many of the problems facing the oceans around the world, and you will be supporting the educational programs that are so much needed to fix them. In our recreational use of the oceans, we subscribe to the philosophy of “Leave no Trace” and teach our students how to submerge without disrupting the Ocean life.

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