Our Philosophy

U2: We believe that education is an organic process and that everyone is able to learn if provided with the right environment. It simply doesn’t matter how one person compares to another in the education process. What is important is that each individual receive exactly what is beneficial for their highest growth.

Mentor: Our instructors not only act as teachers but also as mentors and advisers, applying strategies and support services that facilitate personal and social growth with career development initiatives.

Teaching Environment: We know that the highest levels of understanding are possible within small groups of students using comprehensive programs where experience is the key. “Teaching outside the classroom” is one of our important school policies. We like to teach in the same environment we talk about. As often as possible we like to hold classes on the beach or aboard our dive boats. The learning should always be fun.

Community: A pro-active involvement with the community is essential and the reason of our existence. In our programs you learn about marine ecosystems and the interconnections with the human activities. Helping with marine species surveys or teaching a class at local schools is an important part of your learning process. A collaborative environment in a learning community is an important step to create discussion and to learn better from different perspectives. We found out that through many of the classes intended for kids, parents got involved and started discussing environmental issues, giving us feedback of what is important for them. Answers are drawn from reflection on real life experience rather than issue based or position based analysis.

Alternative Education: “Alternative education is a perspective, not a procedure or program.  It is based upon a belief that there are many ways to become educated, as well as many types of environments and structures within which this may occur” R.E. Morley

We believe in an active learning process in which you also create knowledge. When we teach about the importance of coral reefs, instead of watch a movie or deliver a presentation in a classroom, we take the students on a snorkel trip, they take pictures and after that, we have a discussion of what we experienced.

Out of the box: Workshops are creatively designed to meet the specific needs of students and community. At Submerge we have a variety of educative programs to suit your individual goals. E-learning, video learning, manuals, classes, hands on experience and community activities all form part of the education.