Underwater Equipment: During the course, we will be using last generation  HDV Sony cameras, Amphibico, Gates and Ikelite Housings, and Hydrotech Xenophot lighting systems. In all of our dives you must use a dive computer which we will supply to you at no extra cost.

Dive operators: We dive with responsible, experienced operators who use industry-certified safety equipment ready and well maintained, that respect the coral reef, educate on conservation while maintaining a friendly and patient attitude with videographers and photographers. Every day is an International Beach and Bottom Clean up Day and we always carry dive bags in order to take any non biodegradable trash we find.

Dive Insurance: Even though recreational scuba diving is now considered a low risk activity, with accidents rates well below sports like football and soccer, all our instructors and students carry insurance, covered by the most recognized Diving Medicine Research Organization in the world: Dives Alert Network, a nonprofit organization who provides the world’s best diving medicine specialist and the fastest emergency response.

Film Library: We have a small DVD library available with many fiction classics and documentary films. From Le Grand Bleu to The Abyss, from the oldest B&W films and the first Cousteau color film movie to the BBC Blue Planet documentary series. You can enjoy watching your favorite choice from your bedroom or in wide screen projector at the hotel or live aboard boat.