Creativity & Passion

Student works: Most student work was inspired by their own dreams and fantasies. What they have seen or done at Submerge will profoundly influence their cinema/photography art.  The final project of the workshop is designed upon the student feelings and thoughts. From environmental education to underwater abstracts projects. It is all about submerge in your passion. Photos, videos and illustrations made by students that had never dive or handled an underwater camera before keep surprising us. Our work is just to guide and help you realize your full potential as a diver and as a human. Every year, we give to one of our students the Submerge Camera D’or Award. The prize is a free divemaster immersion program. Awards are given based on techniques, safety, environmental behavior and leadership.

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Endless excitement & perfect peace

Student Life: Students are provided with intense, attentive training. The student/instructor ratio is 4:1 for workshops classes, and 2:1 for underwater training. This provides a unique teaching atmosphere that leads to maximum knowledge gain and safety. We arrange the diving according to the tides in order to get the best water conditions for the day’s project, so we may start the day in the ocean, training in the swimming pool or editing our projects. We start the day early and usually finish at 17:00 allowing you time to rest, enjoy a margarita over the beach, practice yoga or a walk along the ocean at sunset, explore the charming small towns where our workshops are located, and get to explore the culture and local people.  It is hard to imagine a better way to learn and enjoy life at the same time.


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The Classroom

Learning Environment: Out of the four walls whenever is possible is one of our education policy basics. However, a space to focus and developing skills in a safe enclosed environment is necessary. We have our own ideas on what a classroom should be. Pool and confined waters training is the underwater classroom where our students master buoyancy, camera handling, rig set up, lighting and safety procedures. In this space, we dedicate many hours to develop technical skills as well as freeing the imagination. While classroom management and rules are important in any learning environment, our “guided” self discipline system is based in support student unique motivations. We aim to create a space where everyone achieves success as a result of their own efforts. Self control is an important skill to learn, fundamental for safety while scuba diving and in almost any life situation. Our Divers mantra: “Stop, Breathe, Feel, Think, and Act” guide most of our hands on activities.

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Classroom management and rules