El Hierro, Islas Canarias, Spain

El Hierro | Submerge

June 1 to June 30

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Biosphere Reserve: One of the three core areas is situated in the marine part to the south of the island, an area that is protected as a marine reserve (Reserva Marina de La Restinga – Mar de Las Calmas). Local fishermen have cooperated in the establishment of the marine reserve and are supportive of marine biodiversity protection and sustainable fishing. The inhabitants of this small island are making many efforts to protect the island’s characteristic environment and to use its natural resources in a sustainable way. The program for the sustainable development of El Hierro involves all economic sectors and has been in place since 1995, well before the designation as a biosphere reserve in year 2000 by the UNESCO. El Hierro has around 8000 inhabitants, equivalent to 0.5% of the population of the Archipelago. The main economic activities are agriculture, fishery and ecotourism. Traditional practices have largely been maintained which allows for a well-developed partnership between people and the environment. El Hierro is proud to be an energy auto sustainable island. Watch BBC video on El Hierro revolutionary energy program.

Location: 27°38′ to 27°51’N; 17°53′ to 18°09’W

How to get there: Most of our clients chose to come to El Hierro via Tenerife due to it having two airports serving almost every European country. Flights from Europe generally land in Tenerife South Airport and flights from peninsular Spain land at Tenerife North. There is also the option to travel via Gran Canaria. Continental has directs flights to Tenerife from New York and Miami. E-mail us to get up to date inter island ferry schedules. From Tenerife to El Hierro there are three options:

Flight www.bintercanarias.es

Ferry www.fredolsen.es or www.naviera-armas.com

Need more info on transportation? Check this file  Travel Info El Hierro

Immigration: Canary Islands are part of Spain, and part of the European Union. Please, check this page to see if you need to get the visa in advanced or you qualify for a visa on arrival.

Arrival-departure: We will greet you at El Hierro airport or ferry port to transport you the 15 minute ride to your apartment in La Restinga. You need to arrive at least one day in advance of the course start date. Transportation from Town to the Airport/Port is included.

Important safety rule: Departure should be at least 24 hours after your last dive to reduce the risk of decompression sickness.

What to bring: Remember to bring all the completed student forms and your dive certification (if you have any). Bring your notebook if you want to work on editing after class. Hot weather clothes, sunglasses, swim suit and flip flops will be your uniform for this week. If you forget anything, most toiletries and basic items can be purchased in the area.

Weather: The weather on El Hierro is mild all year round but can be very different around the island. Along the coast the temperature is between 19oC and 23oC with a mild breeze most of the year. Inland on the higher ground it can be cooler than the coast, so don’t forget a jumper! The nights are usually clear and with very little light pollution on El Hierro the stars are spectacular. The water temperature is between 19oC early in the year and 23oC in late summer. La Restinga is the driest part of El Hierro and the surrounding landscape is in stark contrast to other parts of El Hierro. You can expect sunny days with day time temperatures in the mid 20s.

Accommodation: In La Restinga, where we usually hold our workshops, there are no resorts. And that is another reason of why we love it. Quiet and far from the bigger dive operators, La Restinga offers a perfect location for our workshops. The accommodation of choice is self-catering apartments. There are a great variety of locations and prices and we can make reservations for you. The most economical accommodations are:

  • Studios or one bedroom for 2 people starts at € 35 per studio/per night.
  • Apartments with 2 bedrooms catering for 4 people starts at € 65 per apartment/per night

These prices are a rough guide and prices tend to rise during peak periods particularly during Easter, July, August, Spanish public holidays and the Annual Open Photo Sub Photography Competition. Also prices depend on the particular specifications of the accommodation such as Sea views, balcony, swimming pool, washing facilities, etc. In general the accommodation in La Restinga is very good value and we should be able to find something that fit your needs. The village of La Restinga is very small and it is worth noting that none of the accommodation is more than 200m from the seafront. However for the same reason it can be difficult to find accommodation during peak periods, therefore we advise you to make booking well in advance. Information about El Hierro can sometimes be difficult and frustrating to find online and many web sites are only in Spanish. We definitely can book accommodation for you.

Pricing Detail: Our standard rates apply to this location. Check on Programs/Tuition

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El Hierro Guide: We also can help you to arrange other aspects of your trip to El Hierro. Information about El Hierro can sometimes be difficult and frustrating to find online and many sites are only in Spanish. Call or send us email with your requests and we would be happy to make inquires for you regarding accommodation, car hire, ferry or airport schedules or anything else you need.