Oahu Island, Hawaii

Oahu Island, Hawaii - Submerge

August 16 & September 2

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Location: 21 50 N, 157 95 W

How to get there: There are many airlines arriving to Honolulu International Airport. You shouldn’t have problems finding flight connections from mainland USA. There are also direct flights from Singapore, Tokyo and Sidney. We can make the ticket reservation for you if need it.

Immigration: If you are US resident-citizen or from one of the 27 countries participating in the Visa Waiver Program you don’t need to obtain a visa in advanced. At your arrival the airline will give you the Visa Waiver Form, usually valid for three months. Check your country status here .If your country is not in the VWP and for complete visas info, check www.uscis.gov .In case you need a visa, you may apply for an international student visa. Consider that the US visa process is taking longer nowadays, so plan ahead.

Arrival-departure: We will greet you at the Honolulu International airport to transport you the 30 minute ride to your hotel in Waikiki or Kailua. You need to arrive at least one day in advance of the course start date. Transportation from Town to the Airport is included.

Important safety rule: Departure should be at least 24 hours after your last dive to reduce the risk of decompression sickness.

What to bring: Please don’t forget to bring all the completed student forms and your dive certification (if you have any). Bring your notebook if you want to work on color correction or editing after class. Hot weather clothes, sunglasses, swim suit and flip flops will be your uniform for this week. If you forget anything, most toiletries and other items can be purchased in the area.

Accommodation: The following hotels are those we have chosen to give our students a reference guide. Know that there are of course many more options available. If you need help contact us, we might be able to make reservations for you. The hotels are located close to the sea, either in Waikiki, where most of the tourism industry is located or near Kailua, a small town in the windward side, if you prefer a more relaxed area.
Oahu Island, Hawaii - Submerge
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Oahu Guide: Before or after your workshop you may want to discover some of the other astonishing natural beauty that this region has to offer. Here is just a brief list: Turtle Bay, North Shore, Waimea Valley, Haleiwa Historic Town, Lanikai Beach, etc. Our large experience and contacts in the area are at your disposal, although we are not in the tourism business and do not sell non-dive related excursions or endorse any particular tour company.