Prasin & North Island, Seychelles

Prasin & North Island, Seychelles - SubmergeOn request only

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Location: 4° 19′ 0 S, 55° 43′ 60 E

How to get there: You need to arrive to Victoria, capital of Seychelles, in Mahe Island. From there, Air Seychelles local airline take you to Iles de Palmes airport in Praslin Island. A faster way to get there is by Helicopter Seychelles, and actually the only way to get to North Island.

Immigration: Most nationalities can get a visa on arrival. The visitors permit will be issued on arrival for a stay of up to one month provided holding a return/onward ticket, sufficient funds and proof of accommodation during stay. Extensions can be applied for.

Arrival-departure: We will greet you at the Victoria International airport in Mahe Island. You need to arrive at least one day in advance of the course start date.

Important safety rule: Departure should be at least 24 hours after your last dive to reduce the risk of decompression sickness.

What to bring: Please bring all the completed student forms and your dive certification (if you have any). Bring your notebook if you want to work on editing after class. Hot weather clothes, sunglasses, swim suit and flip flops will be your uniform for this week. If you forget anything, most toiletries and other items can be purchased in the area.

Accommodation: The following hotels are those we have chosen to give our students a reference guide. There are some more options available. If you need help, contact us, we might be able to make reservations for you.

General Info:

High end:


Pricing Detail: Our standard rate doesn’t apply to this remote location. Insurance, transportation, time and accommodation increase our rates, which also depend on number of students, time of the year and island. Contact us for more info

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Workshop Itinerary

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North Island Dive Sites Information

Seychelles Guide: It is quite easy to travel on your own in Seychelles, but some planning is recommended. Tons of guides and online info are available. Our experience and contacts in the area are at your disposal, although we are not in the tourism business and do not sell non-dive related excursions or endorse any particular tour company.